Paoay Church

3days DiY Ilocos Solo Backpacking

Day 2: Going Up Ilocos Norte

7 – 8am – Check out and Breakfast somewhere near the area.

8am – Ride a bus going to Batac to see the Church of San Agustin in Paoay. It’s better experience to ride in non air-condition bus, more cheaper, faster and you will feel the fresh air of the Province and of course the scenery! Put your earphones on and play your favorite song! One of the Best feeling!

From Vigan to Batac the fare is about 90 pesos (2usd) and travel time is roughly 2hours. From Batac you will need to ride a tricycle to take you to Paoay Church and fare is 30 pesos (.60usd).

Paoay Church

Paoay Church

The Church of San Agustin in Paoay. It seems this Church witness various calamities and historical events that it was later declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After saying my little prayers of gratefulness for wonderful journey, I boarded the tricycle and headed toward my next destination.

I hired tricycle to take me to Malacañang Of The North and to Sand Dunes Adventure and charged me for about 400 pesos round trip from Batac.


Malacañang Of the North

11:30am – Next stop: Malacañang Of the North. It is one of the 29 houses that the Marcos Family  was able to build during their  two decades regime. As its name suggests, this house served as the official residence of the First Family during that time whenever they are in Ilocos.

Note: Entrance fees are 20 pesos and 10 pesos for adults and children.

Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes

Suba Paoay Sand Dunes Adventure is an 88-hectare spread of sand and wild landscape, also a favorite not just of tourists, but of budding sand boarders and surfers. Here instead of riding on camels, you will see a 4 x 4 jeep which you can hire for about 2,500 pesos (80usd) for one (1) hour per maximum of 5 persons and 1,500 pesos (50usd) for thirty (30) minutes.

Lucky for me there’s a group of people waiting for the others who wants to join so the fee will be lower if you devide into many. The 4X4 ride itself was absolutely exciting! We laughed and screamed our throats off, and we had fun all the way.

Tip: Bring jacket or any thing that can project you skin to sun damage. Better do this sand dunes in early morning or before sun down.


Laoag City

After Sand Dunes I go back to Batac and ride a bus going to Laoag City to catch a bus that travel to Pagudpod and let them know that you will stop at Burgos Lighthouse road. Fare is 25 pesos (.50usd) from Batac to Laoag City. From Laoag City to Lighthouse 25 pesos (.50usd).

There’s a lot of tricycle that passing by the road that you can hire to take you to tourist spot like Lighthouse and Burgos Windmill / Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. Fare ranges from 300 to 500 pesos (6-8usd).

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse and also known as the Burgos Lighthouse is the highest elevated, still-original and active Spanish-era lighthouse in the Philippines.

Burgos Wind Farm. The wind farm is made up of 50 of these gargantuan Vestas turbines. Each windmill is 230 feet tall with 135-foot long blades. You can have your lunch or meryenda in the area, there’s a lot of store/eatery that you can choose from. Check out those pretty handcrafted souvenirs of the Burgos windmills! I bought a few key chains and ref magnets.

After you ate you can now check out the spectacular Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. Unfortunately I didn’t go down to the rock formation because the sun is too hot and I don’t have any jackets or skin protection.

After the Wind Farm I rode a bus going to Pagudpud. I headed to the Blue Lagoon Beach (my favorite place to be.) to chill and relax while sun is going to set and stay the night here. Along the beach, there’s a lot of cheap rooms, lodges and transient house to rent that ranges from 800 pesos to 1,500 per night for two people.

Day 3: Chill and Departure day

8am – I ate breakfast in the local karinderya around the area ane after that I went to shore to chill and relax. This beach is perfect for surfing than swimming since it has more waves in it. The color of the beach is beautiful when it’s sunny.

1pm – Check out and went to Patapat Viaduct. From the Blue Lagoon I ride tricycle to take me to the Patapat Viaduct bridge. Fare cost about 200 pesos (4usd).

The Patapat Viaduct is an elevated road, over 30 meters above sea level. This 1.3 km long coastal bridge can be found in the municipality of Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte. this bridge does not just give motorists a wonderful view of the beach but it also solved the problem of landslides, causing major vehicular accidents in the area.

After this scenic view I need to go back to the reality. There’s buses that passing here going to Laoag City. Then from Laoag City ride a tricycle to take you to Florida bus terminal that travel between Laoag and Quezon City.

Day 2

Estimated Time Activity
7 - 8am Check out and Breakfast
8am Going to Batac
10am Batac Arrival
10am - 4pm Paoay Church, Sand Dunes, Malacañang of the North, Burgos Wind farm, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
4pm Going to Pagupud beach
5pm - onwards Check in, food trip, chill, wander
10pm Rest

Day 3

Estimated Time Activity
8am Breakfast
9am - 1pm Beach chill, swim, wander
1pm-2pm Check out and go to Patapat Viaduct Bridge
2pm-4pm Pagudpud bus ride going back to Laoag City
4pm Wander in the city of laoag, Food trip
7pm Go back to Manila
5am Quezon City/Manila Arrival

Estimated total expense for the day:

  • Breakfast = 50 (1usd)
  • Bus transpo = 90 pesos (2usd)
  • Tricycle = 400pesos (8usd)
  • Malacañang fee = 20 pesos (.40usd)
  • Sand Dunes = 300 pesos (6usd) *Depends how many people on the group.
  • Lunch = 100 (2usd)
  • Bus transpo = 25 pesos (.50usd)
  • Tricycle burgos tour = 300 pesos (6usd)
  • Rooms = 800 pesos (16usd)
  • Tricycle patapat = 200 pesos (4usd)
  • Bus going to laoag = 50 pesos (1usd)
  • Bus to QC = 800 pesos (16usd)

Estimated total = 3,100 pesos (62usd). *Note: This expenses can be reduce to half if you have travel buddy or two with you because you can share food, transportation or accommodation expenses.

Before heading back to manila, I felt that this is the right time to get my second tattoo. I found great tattoo shop called Tattoo de Iloco within the area of Laoag City.